I like music so I want to share the albums that I enjoyed the most—hopefully within a week or two of its release.

The Early November, “Imbue”

Pop post-punk rock

Imbue is this New Jersey-based band’s fourth full-length record.

This is a rock album, and reminds me of when I used to listen to bands like Brand New and Taking Back Sunday.

Imbue by The Early November

The Tallest Man On Earth, “Dark Bird Is Home”

Dylan-esque Swedish folk

I’ve been anticipating this record for a long time. His previous album, There’s No Leaving Now, is one of my all-time favorites.

Dark Bird Is Home was an instant classic for me. This time around he added more instruments and the increased the overall production value. It is still very folky and rugged overall, and while he doesn’t stray from what I’d consider to be his sound, some of the songs are more pop.

Dark Bird Is Home by The Tallest Man On Earth

The Helio Sequence, Self-Titled


Oregon-based duo, The Helio Sequence, released a self-titled LP this week. Simple instrumentation, reverb-y vocals, and harmonies reminiscent of the 70’s make this album easy listening.

The Helio Sequence, self-titled