It was a big week in music, with notable releases from Muse and Of Monsters and Men. Both are very good albums and are basically what you would expect from those bands. Muse’s “Drones” is a theatrical return to their earlier sounds à la “Absolution”, which Rolling Stone described as a “meaty dystopia.” Of Monsters and Men’s “Beneath The Skin” remains true to their sound—which was typified by their last hit My Head Is An Animal.

With that said, my favorite album this week comes from the New Orleans-based band, The Deslondes.

The Deslondes, Self-Titled

Honky Tonk Blues Roots Americana

The Deslondes’ debut self-titled album is a surprisingly highly-polished Southern experience. I image it’s the perfect record to listen to while sitting on a porch with a corn cob pipe. It’s easy listening and a perfectly-timed release for summer.

Deslondes, self-titled