On the second week of July, 2015, New Music Tuesdays died. For those of us in the United States, everyone’s second least favorite day of the week got worse. In an attempt to boost record sales and get the world on the same release cycle, new releases have been shifted to Fridays. This was part of why I have missed the last few weeks of these posts, but I’ve (hopefully) found my rhythm now.

This week’s standout album:

Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell, Sing Into My Mouth

Folk Americana

When two legends come together to make album, the expectations and hype can often be unrealistic. In the case of Sing Into My Mouth, however, I don’t think many people will be disappointed.

This is a covers album and includes songs from the Talking Heads, Bonnie Raitt, and J.J. Cale.

I knew I would enjoy this record, as Band of Horses is one of my favorite bands—in large part because of Bridwell’s vocals. Heaps of pedal steel in addition to these two iconic voices make this album a lot of fun to listen to.