The time has come to open the next chapter. We are moving to San Francisco in September. After months of discussing, planning, interviewing, and hoping, everything has come together for us to move out West. I couldn’t be more excited for this transition and the adventures that lie ahead!

Why San Francisco


As a designer and developer, San Francisco is the best place to be. This city contains a uniquely high level of talent. The opportunities to learn and grow in my career are seemingly limitless.


A dense urban population built on steep hills, bordered by the ocean, in a temperate climate. Surrounded by redwood forests and coastal mountain ranges. It really doesn’t get better than that.

As a cyclist, year-round riding weather is going to be a dream come true. Hundreds of miles of singletrack in the Bay Area1, including historic Marin County. And plenty of mountain roads to be climbed.


I'm thrilled to be joining the product team at FareHarbor. I’m grateful for my time at FareHarbor (updated June 7, 2016).

Au Revoir Chicago

After three years in Chicago, it will be a bittersweet goodbye.

There are a few things about Chicago that I’ll be glad to leave behind – namely the long, cold winters, extreme humidity in the summertime, and the lack of bike-friendliness. Of course we tolerate these things because we have Lake Michigan, an iconic skyline, Midwestern vibes, and deep-dish pizza.

Top 5 Responses

Here are what seem to be the top five responses I get when I tell people I’m moving to San Francisco:

1. “It’s really expensive there.”

Yes, the most expensive city in the USA.2

2. “Have you ever been?”

Do people move places that they’ve never visited?

3. “I’ve heard Oakland is a lot cheaper.”

That is true, but we’re moving to San Francisco.

4. “Well, now’s the time to do it – before you’re tied down.”


4½. (Emily’s contribution) “You will love it!”

I think we will!

5. “Do you have friends there?”

Not yet :)

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